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It is an essential piece of RoyaleSurvival.io game.W-A-S-D or Arrow keys to moveR to reloadF to pick up items1-6 to switch your toolsX to change to bare handsMouse cursor to aimLeft mouse button to melee attack or shoot or deploy medicine kitsM open full minimap


RoyaleSurvival.io is a fierce arena-style survival game. In this minimal clicker game, you will be stuck on the mini map when the game continues. You will need to search for items and weapons that you can use to defend, as well as collect various resources to create and create valuable locations and items to play the game. 
This game rewards strategic players who are able to plan ahead and manage their resources well to create items and obstacles they will need to win. The game also rewards players who can think on their feet and respond to tactical threats when they arrive. Finally, this is a survival game so fighting against the attacks of other players and making some of your own attacks is inevitable. You will be forced to set up barriers and borders and then also have to challenge them or protect them as guaranteed. Royalesurvival.io is a difficult game but also a fair game that will challenge your prejudices about the meaning of playing games. Minimalistic art was originally very cute but when the game continued, you would come to identify those spheres with two eyes and three-dimensional green grass nothing more than threats and obstacles to the victory of yourself.


Here are tips & tricks or simple instructions for controlling RoyaleSurvival.io game faster.

When you run into a bush, you can hide your body and escape the sight of people nearby. Moreover, you can launch a surprise attack from that situation. In other words, you are allowed to regain HP after heal, ambush and jump out to damage the target when you are in the bush. It's great when you can't find a gun.

You can deal more damage to your prey by approaching him before using shotguns. Moreover, you can choose passive action by hiding somewhere to wait until the target appears. If you succeed in killing someone, you can steal everything he has. It's faster than breaking the box. Choosing a gun or using a health pack will slow you down. If you are in a hurry, you should not do that.

Hope you like!

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